About the players

Ken Kozdra – Guitar/Vocals
Ken has been a staple on the New England music scene for decades and has supplied countless parodies for local radio and The Morning Buzz. His Newcity Rockers album/video appeared on MTV and charted 3 Billboard Hot 100 Singles. With numerous record labels to his credit including Atlantic, Mercury, Critique, Restrospect, and BGM, his versatile voice is a signature sound for the band.

Geoff Bates – Bass
Geoff has honed his remarkable bass chops playing in Nashville and New England bands of every style. In addition to the Discount Gigolos, Geoff performs regularly with the Souled Out Show Band and on most Monday nights he is laying down the groove at Dolly Shaker’s open mic night in Nashua. He says he doesn’t need a microphone, so we just take his word for it and enjoy that smooth sounding bass!

April Forrest – Vocals
April has performed across the country as part of the Pop/R&B vocal group JADA which was signed to Universal Motown Records and had numerous releases and songs on popular TV shows. April also teaches voice and owns and operates Fusion Studios, and puts on shows with her students frequently. Always an upbeat entertainer, April allows the band to cover many female pop hits which adds to the variety of the show.

Jim Treacy – Drums/Vocals
It just doesn’t  get any better than this. Jim is well known on the Boston scene for his years with Digney Fignus and The Make. Jim also performs around the North Shore backing up acoustic acts and shares the stage with Ken and April R. in the country band Sage & Whiskey. A solid drummer, percussionist, and singer, Jim supplies the beat that keeps ‘em dancin’!

Doug Tybor – Keyboards/Vocals
Doug is well known on the New England scene for his years with The Classmates and Class of ’66. Being that he is a classically trained musician, we have yet to find a song he can’t replicate with remarkable authenticity. Doug also owns and operates Keynote Piano Services.


April Renzella – Vocals
A talented singer and songwriter who regularly performs in Nashville and New England. She also performs regularly with Ken and Jim in Sage & Whiskey, April adds that country flair giving the band even more diversity. She is an absolute "must see" singer!